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Running on Empty

"Examine yourselves to see if your faith is genuine. Test yourselves."

- 2 Corinthians 13:5a NLT

A couple of years back as I was getting ready to get out of my truck and go into Walmart, a man came up to my window and said, "Sir, do you know your back tire is just about flat?" to which I responded, "No I didn't bud, but thanks for letting me know." Needless to say, I knew I was stopping at Sheetz to get some air in my tire after my Walmart trip.

While walking around my truck to get Haven out of his seat, the Lord began to speak to me. He said, "There's a lot of my people running on empty, whose faith is just about flat and many of them are unaware."

There's a big difference between full and flat, empty and filled.

When I saw how flat my tire was, I knew it didn't get that way overnight. It was a gradual leak. My back tire had been low on air for so long that I had actually gotten used to it. Here's the thing, if you run on empty for a while, running on empty becomes your norm. When running on empty becomes the norm, there's no cause for alarm when you're just about flat because it's what you're used to. I didn't notice I was losing air, I became numb to it.

If it wasn't for the man who gave the warning, I would have continued to run on empty. I went from flat to full because I received the warning.

Likewise, there's a big difference between being spirit-filled and spirit-depleted, faith-filled and faith-less. Has your faith been flat for so long that you have actually gotten used to it? Has flat faith become your norm? Has reading your Bible become a chore? Are your prayers personal and intimate or religious? Do you have compassion for the lost? When you go to church are you thinking mainly of what you can get or what you can give? Are the gifts and fruits of the spirit active and evident in your life? Do you talk about Jesus? Do you share your faith? Do you love Him!?

Flat faith lacks Holy Ghost fire and will only get you so far. Running on flat faith is dangerous to others on the road. Flat faith can also lead to other problems when left unchecked. Flat faith can turn into no faith when neglected or ignored.

Just like the man gave me the warning about the flat tire, I believe this blog is that loving warning for many of you. Now it's time for you to personally examine your faith and ask God to to come and fill you up once again.

It's time for a fresh filling!!! Lukewarm shouldn't be the norm!!!

Written by Travis Habbershon

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